Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SESSION 13: Technology Issues in the Classroom K-12 (10 hours)

  • This session is a continuation of the information from previous sessions. Although there may be references to other sessions, taking them is not a requisite. When prompted, the user name is: "EDC920" and the password is: "education" They are case specific, so PLEASE type them in exactly as above.


    • Plagiarism in the K-12 classroom (a new form of ownership)
    • Who is responsible for teaching all this?
    • Path-Finders as a partial solution (and a powerful teaching tool)

  • Online Readings
  • After all assignments are completed class participants will share their learning experiences, respond to others, and ask “I wonder” questions by clicking on the "comment" link below.
  • Additionally, you should email me the details noted on the “Directions for Receiving Credit” sheet.

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